From Teenage Internet Fame to Alt-Pop Coachella Sets: The Chaotic World of Rebecca Black

It’s been exactly 585 Fridays since Rebecca Black released ‘Friday.’
In that time, she’s gone from a 13-year-old with pop star dreams to one of the most eternal and viral internet sensations of all time to an electronic alt-pop singer capable of putting on one of the most over-the-top and ridiculous Coachella DJ sets in recent festival history.
During her early Saturday evening ‘Rebecca Black & Friends’ set at the Do LaB, Black introduced a wide variety of guests, including Big Freedia, bass phenom Blu DeTiger, and Slayyyter (with who she collaborated with last year) — while also busting out a stadium-style t-shirt cannon to fire into the crowd shirts reading things like ‘REBECCA BLACK REPLACED KANYE WEST AS THE COACHELLA 2022 HEADLINER’ and ‘I LIKE REBECCA BLACK AND I CAN PROVE IT DUE TO THE WEARING OF THIS TSHIRT.